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How to Reset Snom 300 Series VoIP Phone to Factory Default Settings

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As everyone who's worked with technology knows, sometimes you need to reset a device to its factory default settings. If you need to reset a Snom 300 Series VoIP phone to its factory default settings, there are two methods of doing so.

If your Snom 300 Series VoIP phone is running firmware version or later all you need to do is enter the following key sequence: * – Volume Up – * – Volume Down – #

Otherwise, follow this process. This process only works if your web user interface is not password-secured.

  1. Find the IP address of the phone by pressing Help and note it down.
  2. In any web browser, enter one of the following URLs, exchanging ***** with your phone's IP address:
    • Firmware 3.x or earlier – http://*****/set_base_en.htm?reset=Reset
    • Firmware 3.x-6.x – http://*****/advanced.htm?reset=Reset
    • Firmware 7.x or later – http://*****/advanced_network.htm?reset=Reset
  3. Your phone should then reboot automatically.